Why Choose RedCedar?

RedCedar Family Wellness and Fitness Center specializes in assessing a person's needs and prescribing individualized exercise programs for a varied population of people ranging from the unconditioned client to the trained athlete.

RedCedar utilizes scientific approaches and personal experience to provide our clients with the best possible care in a friendly and non-intimidating setting.

RedCedar provides a post-rehabilitation maintenance program for those who have been discharged from a prescribed course of physical therapy and cardiac rehab.

RedCedar Family Wellness and Fitness Center is truly a fun family fitness experience; and our location is close, convenient, and easily accessible.

"Discover the Joy of Living in a Fit Body"


*Full Line of Cardio Equipment (Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers, Bikes)

*Full Cybex and Icarian Circuit Machines

*Full Free-Weight Accommodations

*Personal Training

*Group Fitness Classes (see Group Fitness Schedule below)

*Child Care


Group Fitness Schedule

Monday, February 22, 2016


Presenting... March-A-Thon!! 

Reserve your place before Monday, March 1st, and receive a t-shirt!
(*Raffles available, with proceeds going towards a brilliant young dancer representing the US in the CRN Irish Dancing WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 
in Ireland!*)

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